2014 Annual Meeting: Monday, March 17

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During Dairy Farmers of America’s Annual Leadership Conference, which kicked off Monday, March 17, members received an update on the Cooperative from President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith, as well as the latest financials from Joel Clark, senior vice president of accounting, and Dave Meyer, senior vice president of finance. In addition, Senior Vice President and Chief Fluid Marketing Officer John Wilson discussed details of the 2014 Farm Bill, specifically the newly created Margin Protection Program. A copy of his presentation, along with a summary of the Farm Bill and a calculator to explore the costs and benefits of the Margin Protection Program, are available to DFA members by logging into myDFA at dfamilk.com.

A panel moderated by DFA Executive Vice President Mark Korsmeyer, featured leaders from DFA’s commercial businesses, including Alan Bernon, senior advisor and president of DFA’s Affiliate Division; Doug Glade, executive vice president of commercial operations; David Darr, vice president of sustainability and member services; and Gigi Vita, senior vice president of industry business development. The panel discussed the value DFA’s commercial investments bring to members and how the Cooperative is driving innovation across the company.

Lastly, Dairylea Cooperative Chairman Bill Beeman and Chief Executive Officer Greg Wickham talked about the history of Dairylea, which was founded more than 100 years ago, and the exciting opportunities being part of DFA offers Dairylea members. Dairylea will merge with DFA effective April 1.