A Closer Look: Ed-Mar Farm

Written by Kara Petrovic
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Fourth-generation dairy farmer Eddie Gibson owns and operates Ed-Mar Farm, a 130-acre dairy in Walton, Ky., with his wife, Marcy, a dentist, and daughter, Maddie. Gibson’s operation is family run, except for the help of two part-time employees who each milk one night a week.


The number of years the Gibsons have been at their current location. “In 2006, I decided to expand the operation. We moved 5 miles down the road from my father’s farm to build the dairy on Marcy’s grandfather’s land. I had hoped to have everything up and running in six months, but it took a year to get the parlor, barn and lagoon built. We still utilize my dad’s farm to house our dry cows and heifers.”


The number of milk quality awards the Gibsons have received from DFA’s Mideast Area. “As a producer and consumer, quality milk is very important to me. To keep production up, you’ve got to keep your cows clean because mastitis can cause lots of headaches. I also believe in feeding my herd a well-balanced ration of feed. I have a great working relationship with my nutritionist, Dan Riddell, of 20 years and believe he deserves a lot of credit when it comes to these annual awards.”


How many gallons of water the farm’s flush tank system releases per flush. “When designing this barn, I decided to install a flush tank to make it easier for me to keep my cows clean. As a one-man operation, it saves me a lot of time. The barn is flushed three times a day in nearly a minute.”


Total miles that Eddie and Marcy traveled to adopt their daughter, Maddie, from Beijing, China. “After marrying in 1986, Marcy and I decided to start a family and pursued adoption in 2004. It was a very long process, but well worth the wait. Maddie is the best thing we ever did. She’s definitely not what you would call a ‘girlie girl.’ She enjoys being outside with me and the cows.”