A Closer Look: Kyle Hayes Dairy

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The farmland that Kyle Hayes Dairy sits on in Quitman, Texas, has not only rich soil, but a rich history that dates back to the Civil War. While the land is old, Kyle has implemented modern technology on the dairy including a new calf-raising facility and selective breeding that ensures quality milk reaches consumers.


Generations of Hayes farmers.

“My grandfather bought land in Wood County after returning from the Civil War, working as a farmer, a blacksmith and a preacher. When Lake Quitman was built, it took most of my ancestor’s 200 acres, so I had to buy more to start dairying. Twelve acres on my farm are what remain of the original land.”


The year Kyle started dairying.

“I started dairying in 1991, but I had 230 beef cows before that and started selling them to buy dairy cows.”


Acres of land.

“We own 215 acres, but rent a combined 700 acres. We produce our own hay on 250 acres, and we feed custom grain. It’s an all-pellet mix; it’s 16 percent protein, and there’s cottonseed inside the pellet with the mineral package already mixed in.”


Calves housed in an indoor facility.

“I designed and built this barn in 1999 to keep calves off the ground. A pit underneath the barn catches manure and it runs into the lagoon. It keeps the calves clean and at a comfortable temperature. We clean it twice a day with a power washer. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever built.”


States that have bulls from Kyle Hayes Dairy.

“We have a pretty big bull sale. Bulls from our dairy have gone to Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and all over Texas. I’ve also sent bulls to Honduras, Mexico. We use selective mating to correct deficiencies in cows and ensure top herd quality alongside artificial insemination, and we don’t keep any bulls on the farm.”