A Closer Look: McNutt Brothers

Written by Melissa Gleinser
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In the 1960s, Raymond McNutt started milking a few registered Jersey cows and sold fresh milk by the gallon to the public, as well as the West Texas Milk Producers. Raymond’s sons, Gary and Guy, were active in the National FFA Organization and 4-H projects, showing cattle all over the United States. They attended Tarleton State University, worked on several dairies in Erath County while in school and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in agriculture. In 1976, McNutt Bros. Dairy was started when Gary and Guy leased a flat-barn dairy in Dublin, Texas, and milked 27 Jersey cows.


The current number of milking cows on the dairy farm, which also houses 290 heifers.

“Our family has been active in the dairy industry since 1976, and we continue to expand and grow our operation,” Guy says. “In 2005, we added a freestall barn to help with cow comfort.”


The number of DFA Farm Services that McNutt Bros. Dairy has used over the years.

“We have found that DFA Insurance, DFA Farm Supplies and DFA Financing all add value to our operation,” Gary says. “We respect the opinions of our DFA Financing representative, and we value his service. We also depend on the daily market updates from DFA Today.”


The number of years that Gary and Guy McNutt have been dairy farming.

“Being able to work with my brother and family every day is something I truly treasure,” Gary says.


Number of employees who work on the dairy.

“Nearly all five employees have worked at McNutt Bros. Dairy for over 25 years,” Guy says.