A Closer Look: Mooville Farms

Written by Emily Battmer
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Brent Jennings comes from a long tradition of farming and started milking his own cows in 1992. After taking a break in 1999, he returned to dairying in 2011. He is dedicated to keeping his cows comfortable and his milk quality high by making continuous improvements on Mooville Farms in Alba, Texas.


Milking cows.

“Keeping the cows comfortable and healthy is one of our top priorities. We’ve installed a palpation rail, a 400-cow feed lane with shades and misters on auto timers. We also updated our manure lagoons to accommodate all of the cows.”


Acres of farmland.

“We keep our cows on 20 acres of pasture land where they have access to feed 24/7. We grow wheat and rye silage, as well as all of our own forages.”


How many gallons the operation added with a new bulk tank.

“We’ve been making improvements and expanding continuously, and we’ve recently transitioned from a double-five herringbone with a 1,000-gallon milk tank, to a double-12 herringbone with a 6,000-gallon tank.”


Years of combined experience between three generations.

“My grandfather farmed in Rains County, Texas, for 30 years, and my father farmed here for 28 years. I’ve been here for 12 years now. The previous generations have taught me to always give it your all, and don’t give up.”