DFA partners with 2017 Sprint Accelerator

The dairy industry is always innovating. Whether it’s through new products, plant processes or on-farm initiatives, innovation is all around. As one of DFA’s core values, a strong culture of innovation inspires us to challenge what we do today to deliver greater value tomorrow.

As DFA’s continues to look for opportunities to be innovative, one way we are doing this is by leveraging partnerships to gain insight and better understand innovations that are happening in our industry. With that in mind, it was recently announced that DFA is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Sprint Accelerator, an innovative program that helps accelerate and grow startup businesses.

DFA’s program will focus on startups in the AgTech arena, which can offer support and foster technologies to help manage the Cooperative’s nationwide operations. Specifically, the Cooperative is looking for AgTech startups with applications related to any portion of the dairy value chain, including, but not limited to, product testing, data management, herd health and management, supply chain optimization, sustainability and traceability.

“This partnership with the Sprint Accelerator offers us a unique opportunity to connect with AgTech entrepreneurs who have ideas on how technology can bring greater value to our dairy-farmer owners — whether it’s on the dairy farm, in the transportation network, in our plants, even connecting with consumers in grocery stores, farmer’s markets or at the dinner tables,” said Monica Massey, DFA’s senior vice president and chief of staff.

As a sponsoring company for the Accelerator, DFA will provide mentorship, connections and resources to help accelerate the growth of the AgTech startups selected. Highlights of the 90-day program include:

  • Targeted, strategic meetings with senior DFA team members to discuss business development, pilots and potential sponsorships;
  • Mentoring from DFA senior members and their networks, as well as from the investor, business development and entrepreneurial communities; and
  • Business building sessions around product, brand and marketing.

While innovation is the value of focus, community also plays a key role. The program will help foster relationships with growing businesses to provide the opportunity to support not only a local community, but ones around the country.