DMI partnership drives innovation in fluid

Dairy Farmers of America, along with six other companies, has partnered with Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) in an effort to ignite innovation in fluid milk and milk-based beverages to meet the growing demands of foreign and U.S. consumers.

These seven partners are committing an unprecedented investment to unlock innovation and put milk back in the center of the rapidly growing health and wellness beverage market.

The seven partners from across the supply chain are DFA, Darigold/Northwest Dairy Association, the Kroger Co., Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association Inc., Shamrock Farms, Southeast Milk Inc. and the Coca-Cola Co. All of the partners will aggressively pursue growth opportunities for fluid milk through infrastructure, capital, human resource and marketing investments.

“These dairy partners are making an unprecedented investment over the next few years — more than half a billion dollars in capital and other resources,” says Tom Gallagher, chief executive officer of DMI. “With our Dairy Checkoff resources and dedication to fluid milk innovation, we’re excited to see how unique partnerships will help us drive ingenuity and generate new offerings and sales in the fluid milk category.”

DMI’s fluid milk partnerships represent marketplace leaders chosen for their anticipated catalytic effect in causing others in the business to follow with innovation and investment.

The companies bring strong financial, technological and marketing capabilities to the partnerships; DMI’s commitment is assisting in product development, consumer insights, nutritional consulting, technical and formulation support, and introductions to perspective marketplace partners.