Employee Spotlight: Erica Miller

Written by Rebecca Frazier
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Erica is not only committed to her family at home, supporting her kids in a multitude of activities, but she is also committed to the DFA family. Whether it is a weekend or holiday, vacation or a day off, she is always ready to help whenever needed. Erica goes above what is asked of her, ensuring that the business runs efficiently and effectively.

“Erica is the standard that all employees within this organization should model themselves after — she is tireless, passionate, intelligent and caring,” Justin says. “She treats those who work for her with respect and compassion, while simultaneously maintaining control. She doesn’t demand respect, but rather earns it with her drive and dedication.”

Erica finds great joy in the work she does. Challenges do not scare her and she never bats an eye at even the most difficult tasks. Erica is commended for her leadership, appreciation to everyone, respect for others and passion for the industry.

“I am proud to work for the dairy farmer families here in the Southwest,” Erica says. “I feel like what I do each day is important and I come to work ready to make the best decisions for our dairy farmers.”