Employee Spotlight: Randy Fricke

Written by Molly Schmitt

“There are people who came to our booth the first year and come back every year just to try to win one of those cows,” Randy says. “There are kids who have tattoos all the way up their arms and legs because they’re trying to win one of those things so badly. I love it because people carry these cows around the entire fair and people always ask where to get them.”

His coworker, Laura, uses the success and growth of the Minnesota State Fair booth as a prime example of how Randy goes above and beyond in his work.

“He works to improve the experience each year and refresh it for fans,” Laura says. “He is proud of the work that we do as a company and it shows in the pride of the execution. Randy gives above and beyond in this event to reach as many of our consumers as possible with a delightful experience.”

Last fall, Randy received a Be More Award, which honors DFA employees who exceed DFA’s high standards, stand out from the crowd and make an impact on the Cooperative and the communities in which they live and work.

The projects Randy is so proud of are just a few examples of the quality of work he and the rest of the Kemps team have accomplished. Randy attributes his success at Kemps to his team and the collaborative nature of the Kemps’ environment. He is also praised by his team members for his passion and dedication.

“Randy Fricke walks DFA’s core values walk every day,” says Julie King, executive assistant at Kemps who also nominated Randy for the Be More Award. “He acts with integrity and serves both internal and external customers in a highly productive and positive way.”