Hypertargeting helps Sport Shake® make consumer gains abroad

Written by Jo Anne Grammond

This new thinking goes beyond hypertargeting and advertising. It also has led to a re-evaluation of product sizing.

“We’ve taken a closer look at our portfolio to determine the optimal shelf set for retailers,” Sowle says. “We were offering the smaller 7.5-ounce can in the United States along with the 11-ounce package, but found there’s a real benefit to upselling and just offering the 11-ounce. We took a gamble in New York, and began offering only the 11-ounce in stores, and it has paid off so far this year. We are now rolling out the 11-ounce only in the Montreal, Canada, market. This is increasing our overall profitability on every can sold.”

In 2015, Sowle said market data indicates an overall increase in Sport Shake sales of 23 percent, and the team is eagerly looking for ways to continue to grow this number into 2016. “We’re excited to see our hypertargeting efforts continue to pay off.”