Marketing to millennials

Written by Emily Battmer

“The So Worth It campaign is designed to honor young moms and the sacrifices they make for the benefit of their kids,” Rudberg says. “Millennial moms share this idea that it’s so worth it in the end, and we’re trying to bring Oakhurst into that conversation.”

The campaign emphasizes that Oakhurst shares in millennial moms’ commitment to their children. From utilizing rBST-free milk to investing in green and sustainable energy, the idea is to let millennial moms know that the things the company does for the benefit of young consumers are “so worth it.”

Using the hashtag #SoWorthIt, the campaign encourages moms to share their own images and stories of what makes motherhood so worth it, creating that sense of community and participation that millennials value.

“When millennials share something about a product on social media, they’re building their own brand,” Rudberg says. “Their sharing is a reflection of them and their values. When that includes your brand, they’re taking a very personal view of it — this is who they are, and your brand is included.”

Brands that market successfully to the millennial generation can become very personal to these consumers, and millennials can have just as much impact on brands’ identities, driving innovation and even influencing the creation of new products. One example is DFA’s newest brand, Live Real Farms

Live Real Farms, which launched in test markets in mid-September, combines dairy protein with real fruit juice in three flavors — berry berry, strawberry banana and peach mango. Each re-sealable, 11-ounce container contains 12 grams of protein, is a good source of vitamins A, C and D, an excellent source of calcium, and is enhanced with green tea extract and 100 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12, giving the drink a nutritional boost that provides consumers a great source of energy.

Jeff Hunt, DFA’s vice president of marketing and sales, says everything about the brand was inspired by millennials.

“This is targeted to millennials specifically because it’s formulated to reflect the way they consume products,” he says. “From the packaging to the product development to the ingredients — it’s all driven by how millennials function today.”

The product was designed to meet millennial needs. Its convenient, portable packaging and nutrient-dense formula make it perfect for this on-the-go group of consumers, who are not always able to sit down for traditional, nutritious meals.

Beyond its functionality and nutritional benefit, Hunt says the product represents many of the principles that are important to the millennial generation. Live Real Farms is 100 percent farmer-owned and made with high-quality ingredients — features that are inherent in DFA’s products and important to today’s consumers.

“DFA values align closely with millennial values,” Hunt says. “DFA is from the farm, trustworthy and has high integrity, and that’s what millennials are looking for. They can feel good that they’re supporting American dairy farmers and that this product comes from people who care about the environment.” Visit for more information.