Member of Distinction: Central Area — Vi-View Farms

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Representing DFA's Central Area, the Mueller family, owners of Vi-View Farms located in Hooper, Neb., has been named the 2015 Member of Distinction. 

Almost 150 years ago, Lowell Mueller’s ancestors settled near Hooper and started Vi-View Farms. The Mueller family has been milking cows and growing crops on the land ever since.

Lowell formed a partnership with his father and mother, Orlando and Lois, and two brothers, Dennis and Larry, in 1973. Today, the family milks about 200 cows and grows corn, alfalfa and soybeans on 1,500 acres.

Dennis manages the farm’s feed stocks, taking care to maintain the soil through rotation and cover crops. Lowell and Larry focus on the animals, putting emphasis on continuously improving milk production per cow through the dairy’s breeding program.

“Quality cattle is just something that we have always strived for,” Lowell said.

In addition to the breeding program, Larry attributes much of the dairy’s milk production and high quality to cow comfort and nutrition.

“We keep looking for different things to improve the production,” Larry said. “We try to make the cows as comfortable as we can and keep milking schedule at a normal time.” 

By focusing on continuous improvement, the Muellers are ensuring their dairy will be around for another 150 years.