Member of Distinction: Mountain Area — River View Dairy

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Representing DFA's Mountain Area, the Munk family, owners of River View Dairy located near Amalga, Utah, has been named a 2015 Member of Distinction.

The Munks each own a portion of the 500-cow milking herd, raise their own replacements and make animal health a top priority. From the fields to the milking parlor, these DFA members are constantly looking for the latest on-farm technology and innovations for added cow comfort and production of top-quality milk.

“You try to fine-tune all the time,” said Rodney Munk, who owns River View Dairy, along with his father, Bob, brothers Brent and Jerry, and Brent’s sons, Cameron and Trevor. “You’ve got to keep everything up to date or you start falling behind.”

The dairy farm’s intense focus on animal health occurs each morning when Cameron and Trevor Munk meticulously check fresh cows, recording important information about health and checking for warning signs of stress or illness.

“You want to produce as much milk as you can, and you want the cattle to be as healthy as they can and be able to sustain your family,” Brent said.

Irrigation is crucial in their part of the country, and the Munks have been at the cutting edge of technology. In several fields, a lateral irrigation system runs along a cable guide, which allows every corner of the field to be irrigated. In addition, the system is able to tap into valves spread out along the field from a buried water line they installed. The result is full irrigation and minimal labor needed to grow quality forage.

“You want to do it a better way,” Rodney said. “If you don’t, you don’t make it.”