Member of Distinction: Southwest Area — Del Rio Dairy

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Representing DFA's Southwest Area, the Gingg family, owners of Del Rio Dairy located in Friona, Texas, has been named a 2015 Member of Distinction.

When Rocky and Liz Gingg started their dairy near Phoenix, Ariz., in 1982, they never expected to leave. But, as the city lights crept closer to their dairy, they knew they needed to explore other options.

“We were getting offers for our property for development, and the opportunity presented itself for us to relocate,” Rocky said.

Moving to the Texas Panhandle in 2006, the Ginggs expanded their herd to 3,800 cows and built barns that are seldom found in the state. Known as Saudi-style barns, the structures consist of open corrals under one roof and typically are found in desert climates.

“You’ve got the protection over the cows, but without the use of stalls,” Rocky says. “The cows are able to lay out on regular ground or bedding.”

As part of its sustainability effort, Del Rio Dairy began composting its waste, which is then used on the farm’s 3,380 acres of crops or sold to neighboring operations.

Although Rocky still plays a large role in the operation, he has gained new managers in the form of two sons-in-law — Nathan Moroney and Garth Cummings. 

“I guess I could have never planned it any better the way it has turned out, you know, with having both daughters here and both sons-in-law involved,” Rocky said.