A Moment with Clark Egelston

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My name: Clark Egelston 
Dairy name: Glen Meadows Dairy
Location: Fultonville, N.Y. 
Herd size: 450 total
Farm size: 600 acres

4 ways that I have incorporated technology into my operation.

  1. Automatic calf feeders

    “I have installed two automatic calf feeders on our operation, which has allowed us to raise our own pre-weaned animals efficiently instead of shipping them to a custom raiser for a premium price. These machines save us time in labor, space for calves and allow us to feed our calves more milk in smaller quantities throughout the day. This accelerated growth program grows bigger and healthier animals, which equals a more productive animal in the future.”

  2. Forage facer

    “We purchased a forage facer to help reduce spoilage and to maintain dry matter consistency. The forage facer keeps a clean face on our bunker silos and allows us to only take off what we intend to feed. Eliminating uneven forage faces has brought us better dry matter consistency throughout the feed and has allowed us to feed our cows a more accurate ration.”
  3. Teat dip foamer

    “I purchased a teat dip foamer last year. The foamer has saved us over a third in dip usage. It provides a better teat coverage and, the foam stays on the teat longer after milking. We’ve seen less mastitis and lowered our somatic cell count.”

  4. Jerseymate​

    “Jerseymate is an online mating service provided by the American Jersey Cattle Association. It gives us the best results for each animal in our herd with our semen inventory based on projected merits and physical characteristics. This program has increased our herd’s genetic rate of gain. It keeps our breeding program organized and efficient in time and allocation of our semen inventory.”