A moment with Kitty Noble Rudgers

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Name: Kitty Noble Rudgers
Dairy name: Synergy LLC
Location: Wyoming, N.Y.
Herd size: 2,000

3 ways the dairy ensures worker and livestock safety during the winter months:

  1. Keep employee and herd walkways clear at all times
    "Located in the snow belt of Lake Erie, our operation is used to all patterns of weather, especially the lake-effect snow in the winter. In order to maintain business operations as usual, we place a high priority on ensuring walkways are treated and cleared as soon as possible. Everyone who works on the farm pitches in to lay out salt and stone where it is needed to keep these walkways free and clear for employees and livestock."
  2. Keep the herd protected from the elements with barn curtains, blankets and proper bedding
    "Ensuring curtains are down and secured, as well as shutting the access doors to the barns during periods of inclement weather in order to prevent drafts within the barns is one way we keep our livestock warm and comfortable. We also ensure stalls and calf hutches are properly bedded.. Calves, right after birth, are placed in blue incubators so they can be properly dried before exposing them to the elements. All calves 2-months-old or younger automatically receive a calf coat/blanket when the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit."
  3. Properly train employees on farm safety and safety issues
    "Farm safety is one of our top priorities. Between the months of November and March, we spend a dedicated amount of time on annual employee training, especially on the topics of wintertime safety and herd management practices during cold and inclement weather conditions. For employees themselves, we encourage proper dress for the elements and advocate that everyone get a flu shot at one of our annual flu shot clinics."