A Moment with Tom and Elaine Freer

My name: Tom and Elaine Freer
Dairy name: Klever Holstein Farm
Location: Fredericktown, Ohio
Herd size: 130
Farm size: 325 acres

5 lessons we’ve learned from dairying:

  1. Be flexible
    “One of the many things we’ve learned is to be flexible, because this business is ever changing, along with life itself,” Elaine says. “When we first started our dairy, the farm comprised of Tom’s grandmother, his uncle, Tom, myself and our two young children. Now, 31 years later, we’ve finally hired three employees. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about adaptability and delayed gratification.”
  2. Be appreciative
    “We have grown to appreciate the work ethic it takes to operate a successful business,” Tom says. “That includes the long hours, the challenges and the satisfaction that comes with problem solving, and understanding that we would not be successful without the help of our veterinarian and milk hauler.”
  3. Remain loyal
    “We remain loyal to those who have helped us succeed. Whereas we are not solely influenced by cost (feed, vet bills, service techs, hauling rates), we feel that there is much more to consider and be thankful for,” Elaine says.
  4. Be grateful
    “One of the biggest obstacles we’ve had to overcome is giving up our personal time, while family and friends got together or went on vacation. We’re more grateful for the time we have to spend together now, and appreciate our employees who work so hard for us,” Tom says.
  5. Talk to consumers
    “As farmers, we try very hard to produce a high-quality product,” Tom says. “By doing so, it’s important for us to take very good care of our animals and land and share our story with today’s consumers.”