A Moment with Trevor Wayment

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My name: Trevor Wayment
Dairy name: Wayment Dairy
Location: Ogden, Utah
Herd size: 300 milking cows
Farm size: 300 acres

4 challenges that I have overcome

  1. Expanding our operations
    “We doubled our herd size in 2010, and had to update our facilities to accommodate for the growth. We built a new freestall barn and calf facility five years ago and a new parlor last summer. The new calf barn lets light in so we have a good visual of the calves at all times. Both the freestall barn and the calf facility are easier to keep clean, making it easier for us to take care of the cows and keep them healthy.”

  2. Keeping animals safe and healthy
    “We train our employees to do what’s right, and we keep them accountable by being present in daily operations. We work hard to keep the barns clean by making sure the sand beds are clean. The barns also keep the cows shaded and protected from any bad weather. Upgrading our facilities has helped to ensure our animals are healthy.”
  3. Shifting technology
    “Technology is a huge part of any business today. We’ve started using cell phone applications to monitor when a cow is in heat as well as her eating and bunking patterns. I also have one that tracks our manure management, and shows how much manure is spread on a specific field. We’ve implemented milk meters in the barn that help us keep a better eye on the cows, making sure they’re healthy"

  4. Changing dairy industry
    “There’s more demand than ever for consumers to know where their product is coming from. We’re part of DFA’s Gold Standard Dairy Program, which lets the consumers know that we’re doing our best to take care of our animals and treat them right to supply the highest-quality product we can"