Plugrá a hit with chefs and family tables

Written by Emily Battmer

“It’s really good to use in baking, but it also just tastes really rich and creamy, so it’s great on bagels, toast … just about anything,” Campbell says. “It’s different from a lot of butter products on the market in a tub because it’s true butter, not a canola oil blend.”

To spread the word to everyday consumers, Plugrá launched its Butter Blogger Brigade, recruiting food bloggers from all regions and backgrounds to be the product’s voice. Campbell says the bloggers range from semi-professional chefs to stay-at-home moms to people who simply love to bake.

“The chef is a very good voice for the brand, but we want to make sure people understand that even if you’re not making high-end pastries, there’s still an opportunity to use Plugrá in your everyday food items, and you’re still going to see a difference,” she says.