Popularity of iced coffee heats up

Written by Kara Petrovic
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Kelly Piercy, senior director of technical development for contract manufacturing, has been involved with NACP since the start. Piercy says a team of up to five scientists works closely with members of NACP to develop and commercialize new flavor and line extensions and new product lines for customers.

“We spent nearly a year working alongside NACP team members developing formulas for the original Frappuccino,” Piercy says. “There’s a lot of DFA hard work in every bottle of Frappuccino.” As for Starbucks’ new iced coffee line, Piercy says the Innovation Center played a significant role in the beverage’s development, and he’s excited to see consumers’ reactions to the coffee-based pick-me-up.

According to Edward Tilley, chief operating officer for DFA’s Contract Manufacturing Division, the Cooperative’s relationship with NACP allows DFA to manufacture value-added products with members’ milk.

“DFA’s manufacturing and innovation teams continue to work closely with NACP to develop what is needed for the future of a successful brand,” Tilley says. “And building on our long-term relationship with NACP is a huge benefit for our members year after year.”