Solutions for your insurance needs

Jodi Calkins’ health insurance plan just didn’t add up. Different policies and payment schedules, coupled with rising premium costs, left her with more questions than answers.

Jodi and her husband, Ryan, milk 60 cows on their farm near Rome, Pa., where they also grow corn and hay. Jodi and Ryan, who come from generations of dairy farmers, started their own dairy in 2012, which includes a mixture of Holstein and Jersey cows. 

In addition to running the dairy, their busy farming schedule also includes raising two young children, ages nine and five.

While they have been able to balance a high-quality business and a busy family life, Jodi and Ryan found the assortment of insurance policies unnecessary and cumbersome. During a visit last year with their DFA field representative, Connie Kuhlman, Jodi mentioned the cost of their current plan and the need to streamline the process. 

“They’re a young family who are focused on the right things – raising their children and caring for their animals,” Kuhlman says.

Field representatives encounter a number of different challenges on a daily basis that sometimes range from herd health management to suggestions about milking practices, among other issues.

“One of my primary roles is to help producers connect the dots when they’re trying to identify the answer to a problem,” says Kuhlman.

In this case, the Calkins family needed assistance with health insurance plans. Kuhlman knew where to look for help.

“I try to listen to a producer’s need and be a resource when they need help,” says Kuhlman.

Kuhlman contacted Kathy Coon at DFA Insurance, who promptly provided the Calkins with a possible solution to their health insurance conundrum. In addition to providing the couple with a coverage plan that incorporated the family into one policy, Coon also identified a plan that included monthly premiums savings.

Jodi finds that working with DFA Insurance is straight-forward and the staff is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to insurance programs that work for dairy producers.

“Dairy farming can sometimes be complicated, so it’s nice when there’s a service like DFA Insurance to simplify the process,” she says.