A winning team

Written by Jo Anne Grammond

DFA is also a critical member of K&K’s team. “We work closely with the DFA Mideast Area staff, especially our milk quality specialist. Our former milk quality specialist, Fabian Bernal (now manager of dairy science and farm practices), did an evaluation a few years ago and gave us direction on areas where we could improve. We really focused on getting better in every area. It helps to know we always have people to contact who can answer questions for us, from the milk quality specialist to our field rep,” Gregg says.

“I had DFA employees attend my wedding,” says Matthew. “They aren't just business acquaintances to us. We have personal relationships with them, and they are an extension of our team. DFA employees encourage us to do new things, and they steer us in the right direction.”

Gregg says he appreciates that he can count on the Cooperative to provide support K&K needs. “DFA is a team,” he says. “I can call anybody there for help, and I don’t ever feel like I’m bothering people. Our co-op has an endless supply of resources on everything from milk quality to products to technology. There’s always someone I can contact to get the resources we need.”

Matthew agrees. "DFA will bend over backwards to help us and any other member-farmer when we most need it," he says. "I believe DFA looks for the best interests of us, the co-op, the industry, everybody. We appreciate that a lot," he says.

Through K&K's close relationship with the DFA team, Gregg was encouraged to get involved with the Cooperative. He recently completed a one-year term as the Young Cooperators (YC) liaison for the Mideast Area Council, and says he intends to remain actively involved with the YC program. He also serves as an alternate delegate for the Area.

“I enjoy having the opportunity to give my input and have a voice out there,” he says. “It’s important to know what’s going on within the industry and with the Cooperative. When it comes down to it, this is our business so I want to be as involved as I can.”