At your service: Greg Kurr, Chief Executive Officer, Kemps

Written by Emily Battmer

The defining value for Kemps’ culture is the emphasis the company places on family.

“Our purpose statement is ‘we nourish families,’” Kurr says. “We nourish families in a number of different ways: through the wholesome dairy products we provide, through treating each other with respect at Kemps in a family environment, and through supporting the communities we serve.”

Kurr says his wife, Dawn, has been extremely supportive throughout his career and helped to build great relationships with customers as well.

Kurr and Dawn recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and the arrival of their first grandchild, daughter Ashley’s son, Rocco. Their son Kyle was married last fall, so Kurr says family life has been exciting and has kept him busy.

Even when Kerr is not in the office, his family life includes a taste of Kemps. Specifically, it’s a container of Top the Tater.

“It’s a staple for our family,” Kurr says. “We buy the family size, and can go through a couple each weekend.”

Top the Tater is a sour cream-based product for use with potatoes or to accompany snacks. Kurr says the product is something the family sets out with a bag of chips to munch on while they’re spending quality time together. For the Kurrs, it’s a family tradition.

“I think the fact that family resonates from our farmer-owners in DFA, in our purpose statement and in our personal lives is a neat thing,” Kurr says. “Family is woven throughout Kemps and DFA, and it’s something that defines Kemps and our employees.”