At your service: Stacey Churchill, business analyst, Kansas City, Mo.

Written by Emily Battmer
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Stacey Churchill understands the power of relationships.

The business analyst, who joined DFA’s Consumer Brands Division in Kansas City, Mo., five years ago, is always seeking ways to relate with members, employees and customers throughout the Cooperative.

Churchill joined DFA in March 2010 and received a crash course in dairy when she attended DFA’s Annual Meeting within a week of employment, where she absorbed information and connected with members. Since then, her desire to learn as much as she could about the Cooperative and its farmer-owners has continued to grow.

“One of the benefits of being here is that each day, there’s always something new to add to my knowledge base,” she says. “Whether it’s from a customer, a member or a cross-functional group within the organization, it’s been very beneficial to my growth within the Cooperative.”

Her growth stems from the opportunity to merge her interest in data analytics with team collaboration. As a business analyst, Churchill works primarily with Walmart — DFA’s largest branded customer — on the Borden and Cache Valley brands.  She collaborates with a team at Walmart to ensure efficient flow of data regarding sales orders, forecasts and replenishment strategies. She analyzes data from Walmart’s database and collaborates with DFA cross-functional teams to identify trends and opportunities for increased sales.

One example of her cross-functional coordination is her daily interaction with a team from production, supply chain and customer service to ensure product availability and coordination of product introductions.

Churchill says working to introduce new products to the stores is one of the most exciting parts of her job. Recently, she worked closely with a DFA team to introduce California Gold, the ultra-high temperature milk designed for export to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in China. She had to work closely with her partners at Walmart to coordinate data and gain access to inventory and sales figures overseas. She was able to develop a tracking system that provided visibility of the data from Chinese stores.

“New product introduction is one of my favorite things to work on because I get to see the evolution of the product itself, through the entire supply chain, from development to store shelves,” she says.

Churchill says she also enjoys the diversity of her work. She gets to do something different every day, and her interactions with a variety of team members have allowed her to build relationships that go beyond her department.

“I get to work with so many talented individuals within the Cooperative,” she says.

Churchill was recognized last year with a Be More employee award. Her supervisor, Scott Aldridge, nominated her for the quality of her work and the positive relationship she has built with Walmart.

Churchill says she was surprised, honored and humbled by the award. By nominating her, Churchill says Aldridge, director of sales for DFA’s Consumer Brands Division, gave her a chance to connect with new people.

“The nomination reaffirmed my appreciation of the Cooperative and the colleagues I have the opportunity to interact with,” she says.