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When Amanda and Nate Cromer first met, they knew they had a special bond but didn’t imagine that together, they would carry on a dairy tradition that started more than 60 years ago by Amanda’s great-grandfather.

Amanda and Nate operate Sieg Dairy in Ridgeway, Ohio, in the same location where her great-grandfather, Karl Robert Sieg, started his operation. The Cromers, along with their three children, Meadow, Callie and John, live in the same house Karl Robert lived with his...

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At Heartland Dairy in La Belle, Mo., the cows are there to do more than simply make milk. They also teach people.

To owner Charlie Sharpe, they fulfill a mission he started 18 years ago when he founded Heartland Community, a Christian community for people battling drug and alcohol addiction. The dairy serves as a first step for men going through the community’s rehabilitation program.

“A lot of times we just take for granted that everybody knows something, but the...

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Dairy Farmers of America officially welcomed Dairylea Cooperative’s 1,200 farmer-members today as the cooperatives’ merger became official. Dairylea’s members approved the merger in February, combining its Northeast-based members with DFA’s 13,000 producer-owners throughout the country.

Dairylea’s nearly 300 employees are now employees of DFA and will continue to provide service to Northeast dairy farms out of the offices shared by both Cooperatives in Syracuse, N.Y.

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Dairy Farmers of America’s 16th Annual Meeting resumed Wednesday with industry updates from Jim Mulhern, president and chief executive officer of National Milk Producers Federation, and Tom Gallagher, chief executive officer of Dairy Management Inc.

The business session of the meeting included the Treasurer’s Report, delivered by Jerrel Heatwole, vice chairman and Northeast Area Council chairman, and the Audit Report, given by Doug Nuttelman, vice chairman and Central Area Council...

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