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DFA Field Representative Kimmi Devaney’s enthusiasm for her job is evident upon first impression.

“I really enjoy my job,” she says. “I love working directly with producers, helping them find solutions.”

Devaney’s infectious enthusiasm for dairy and agriculture didn’t begin when she joined DFA as a field rep in March. She’s been advocating for agriculture for years — in her former position as producer relations program coordinator for the American Dairy Association of Indiana...

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Provided by DFA Energy

As any producer knows, energy costs are a significant expense to running a dairy. There are several things you can do to save energy and cut costs, including:

  • Switch to compact florescent lamps. They provide as much light as incandescent bulbs while using less electricity
  • Use a pre-cooler to save on cooling costs and improve milk quality
  • Use a variable speed drive and plate cooler in conjunction with milking equipment
  • ...
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The Annual Meeting concluded with the Cooperative’s resolutions process, during which elected delegates from throughout the country voted on hundreds of resolutions used to guide DFA’s Board and management in business decisions. The process is the essence of DFA’s grassroots governance structure and allows members’ voices to be heard. A complete book of approved resolutions will be sent to DFA members in April, along with DFA’s Annual Report and a special Annual...

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When Charles Krause was 16 years old, he was handed a job he didn’t expect for another decade or more.

“When I was in 10th grade, my father had a heart attack, and it kind of thrust me in charge of running an 80-cow farm,” Charles says. “I guess when something like that happens, you are either going to really hate milking cows, or find out it’s something you enjoy. You grow up real fast and take on a lot of responsibility.”

Charles ran the farm nearly single-handedly for 21...

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