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At J.R. Hall Farms in Rigby, Idaho, there’s always room for a few more — a few more cows, a few more hours of work, a few more family members who want to be part of the business.

“Our growth has been a result of supporting more families,” says Jeremy Hall, who along with his brother, Ty, father, Jerry, and uncle, Ricki, operates J.R. Hall Farms. “I don’t think it was ever our goal to milk 1,000 cows, but when I wanted to join, we got a few more. Then, another family wants to come in,...

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Throughout Southwest Virginia, Huffard Dairy Farms is known as one of the country’s premier registered Jersey breeding facilities.

It is there that 360 registered Jerseys are milked twice a day and more than 360 head of young stock are housed and raised on Huffard Dairy Farms in Crockett, Va., which sits nestled among thick forests and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After acquiring Registered Jerseys™ in 1929, James Schultz Huffard Sr. instilled his passion for cattle breeding and...

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According to an old African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. But for the Ayers family, owners of Ayers Farms in Perrysville, Ohio, it takes a team of dedicated and skilled employees to ensure the success of their dairy operation year after year.

Today, a total of 22 full-time and part-time employees work on the operation that Edwin and Ina Ayers first purchased in 1947. The farm, which started with 30 milking cows, has since expanded to its current herd of 620 lactating...

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Standing in David Jackson’s office at Bentwood Dairy in Waco, Texas, it takes less than a minute to realize he runs a diverse operation.

In addition to their two dairies, which milk approximately 600 cows twice a day, the Jacksons have a sprig business — selling jigs sprigs, coastal sprigs and jigs tops to area horse farms and others to use for sodding pastures in central Texas. They also have a beef cattle operation, farm cropland and raise all their heifer replacements and feed...

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