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Life isn’t boring at North Harbor Dairy in Sackets Harbor, N.Y. Whether it’s milking cows, hauling grain or hosting tours, owners Ron and Nancy Robbins stays busy.

“It was always my dream in high school to own a large dairy,” says Ron Robbins, who operates the dairy with his wife, Nancy, son, Brian, and daughter, Julia. “I never knew quite what large meant. At the time, we were a 100-cow dairy for generations going back to my great grandfather, my grandfather and my dad. Over the...

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For much of Terry Ketterling’s life, he was focused on growing sugar beets. A crop farmer since 1975, Terry was presented a unique opportunity in 2001 to explore ways to diversify his business.

“There was a power crisis in the Northwest, and Idaho Power, who we buy power from, actually paid us not to farm so as not to use power to pump water for irrigation,” he says. “Because of that, I had the opportunity to figure out what I was going to do for about a year.”

Terry bought a...

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Mark Thomas has lived most of his life in the fast lane. He spent 25 years on the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) circuit, where he was a 7-time IHRA Funny Car champion.

Even though Mark didn’t miss a racing event in 20 straight years, he still was his father’s partner on their 400-cow dairy farm in Louisville, Ohio. In 2008, Mark decided to walk away from racing completely to manage the herd.

“You know, I was lucky enough to be a professional racer for 25 years,” Mark...

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When Mark Alderson looks at his 250 acres of lush, green grass, he sees more than just pasture for his 250 cows. He sees a rich family history of dairying, a source of nutrition for his herd and a future for his son and grandchildren.

“Grazing is simple,” he says. “It allows your cows to fulfill their natural food-seeking behavior.”

Mark’s family has been grazing cows on the grass at Alderson Family Dairy in Gerber, Calif., for more than 60 years, starting with his father in...

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