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After years of hard work on leased dairies, the Silveiras find success on their own operation

Johnny Silveira was not even a year old when his parents moved to the United States from Säo Jorge, Açores, to work on a relative’s dairy in Tipton, Calif. For 18 years, Jose, Maria and Johnny Silveira worked together dreaming that one day, they would own their own dairy.

When Johnny was a senior in high school, they decided the time was right. They found a dairy to lease and began milking...

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When you apply for a loan, you are actually asking a partner, in this case, your lender, to join in and become financially involved in your business. The size and type of your loan will have some impact on how involved they will become. This will dictate how much they want to know about you and your business.

Before you apply for any loan, there are some questions you should ask your lender:

  • What types of financing can they provide?
  • Do they have a...
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Keller’s Creamery, which is owned by Dairy Farmers of America, created its first sculpted butter in the shape of a lamb in 1958 using a wooden, hand-pressed mold in Harleysville, Pa. Over the years, Keller’s has become the largest brand of retail sculpted butter products sold nationwide, says Sherrie Hay, sales manager for DFA’s Global Dairy Products Group.

“Year after year, the butter sculptures’ popularity continues to grow,” Hay says. “Our sculptures are the item that consumers...

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Sam Stone  |  Vice President of Government Relations  |  Kansas City, Mo.

Although he wasn’t raised on a dairy farm, Sam Stone has been an influential advocate for the dairy industry, lobbying on producers’ behalf in Washington, D.C., for more than 35 years.

When Stone entered the industry, however, it wasn’t with political intentions. After graduating in 1963 with an accounting degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, he spent two years in the Army and...

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