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Throughout the years, there have been countless people who have built their careers at DFA – on farms, in plants, in the field or in offices.

Jennifer Collins, recently named director of corporate and commercial marketing, found her way into DFA while employed by an outside vendor.

As a brand manager for Kansas City-based advertising agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink, Collins was introduced to dairy.

“The agency was selected to represent the Borden® brand, which is...

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It has been approximately 40 years since DFA introduced Sport Shake® — the original real dairy-based protein drink. Like any brand that is fortunate to experience longevity in the consumer marketplace, Sport Shake has experienced plenty of change — from re-formulations and different packaging to various package sizes and new flavors. The challenge to expand the customer base of a product, and appeal to a new generation of consumers, is constant.

Since late 2014, Sport Shake has been...

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Thanks to the innovative use of alternative fuels like natural gas and biodiesel, DFA and its partners are now able to power their fleets while protecting the environment.

DFA-owned Oakhurst Dairy, based in Portland, Maine, conducts business with sustainability in mind. As its slogan suggests, the company is dedicated to providing, preserving and enhancing the “Natural Goodness of Maine,” a concept Oakhurst management has taken to heart.

“As our late president, Stan...

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When you go to the dairy section of your grocery store, you’ll see plenty of DFA products.

But branded, consumer-ready products such as Borden Cheese and Plugrá butter account for only a portion of DFA’s commercial investments. Almost half of DFA’s processing facilities are dedicated to producing dairy ingredients for sale to customers like Nestle and Mead Johnson.

“The term ‘ingredients’ means that we’re taking the raw milk and processing it into something that our...

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