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Stacey Churchill understands the power of relationships.

The business analyst, who joined DFA’s Consumer Brands Division in Kansas City, Mo., five years ago, is always seeking ways to relate with members, employees and customers throughout the Cooperative.

Churchill joined DFA in March 2010 and received a crash course in dairy when she attended DFA’s Annual Meeting within a week of employment, where she absorbed information and connected with members. Since then,...

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In 2015, DFA is expanding its Borden cheese product line to offer flavorful experiences in convenient forms. Consumers will be able to bring a slice of an artisan deli to their kitchens, sprinkle the flavors of Italy on their favorite dishes and make over the classic cheeseburger with new, premium products.

Mozzarella and Provolone Natural Shreds, Asiago Natural Slice and Shingle Sliced American Cheese will be among the newest Borden cheese products on grocery store shelves,...

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Growing up on his family’s dairy in Muncie, Ind., the Indianapolis 500 was an event to look forward to for DFA member Alan Wright. One Sunday a year, the minister at Wright’s church would cut the sermon 15 minutes short, and Wright and his family would go home, cook out on the patio and tune in to listen to the race on the radio. The family tradition always ended the same way — getting back to work to produce fresh, wholesome milk.

Last year, instead of listening to the 500 on the...

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A shelf-stable milk and coffee beverage enhanced with protein is one of the newest products produced at the Cabool, Mo., plant of Dairy Farmers of America.

With heightened consumer interest in food’s protein content, Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee & Protein was co-developed by the DFA Innovation Center in Springfield, Mo., and the North American Coffee Partnership, a joint venture of PepsiCo and Starbucks coffee.

The beverage combines the brand’s popular Doubleshot coffee...

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