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When Greg Kurr accepted a route salesman position with Kemps in 1985, the thought never crossed his mind that he would one day be running the company as chief executive officer. But guidance from leaders throughout Kemps, coupled with Kurr’s passion for the industry and his appetite for challenge, earned him the title in 2013.

Now, Kurr says he continues to find rewarding challenges in managing a 100-year-old company — a milestone he says only a fraction of a percent of companies ever...

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Products: Provolone and mozzarella cheeses, whey protein concentrate and deproteinized whey 
Opened: 1988
Employees: 100 (approximately)
Truckloads of Milk: 155 (average weekly)
Recognition: Multiple award winner in national cheese contests. Honored with the highest award, the Chairman’s Plaque, in the 2014 Championship Cheese Contest of the National Milk Producers Federation for its provolone.

Getting agitated

The mozzarella process at the Turlock plant begins...

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When it comes to beverages, consumers’ choices are nearly endless. From juice to soda, enhanced water and tea, there are myriad flavor combinations and valued-added health benefits, such as vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. The plethora of new beverages over the past decade has resulted in less and less space on store shelves for milk — once a staple across America.

To combat the steady decline in fluid milk consumption, the dairy industry has turned to innovation in...

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In 2013, Jack and Liz Lassen, owners of Lassen Farm LLC, a 170-cow operation in Adams, N.Y., needed an operating loan.

They called their representative at DFA Financing, Donna Tyo, who routinely works with members on short-term operating loans. Tyo, however, noticed that the structure of the Lassens’ real estate loan, which was with another lender, presented some obstacles to securing additional loans.

“We called (our real estate loan holder) to see if they would refinance or...

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