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For Mideast Area sample courier Bob Ford, it’s all about family. That’s why he works so hard — to provide for his family, assist farm families and ensure high-quality milk for families everywhere. 

As a courier, Ford’s job is to travel to farms and plants across Michigan, testing milk sample temperatures and sending them to the lab to be further tested for quality. His shift starts with a cup of coffee in the early evening and frequently ends 500 miles and nine farm visits later...

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Stephan Schubert, executive pastry chef at River City Casino & Hotel in St. Louis was named the Pastry Chef of the Year at the conclusion of this year’s American Culinary Federation (ACF) national convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Sponsored by DFA’s Plugrá European-Style Butter, the competition for best pastry chef brought together four ACF regional winners for a bake-off on July 27 at the convention. Schubert, Susan Notter, Leslie Eckert and Chris Cwierz prepared cookies with Plugrá...

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Consumers in China have greater access to one of the most nutritious products America has to offer, thanks to the efforts of Dairy Farmers of America’s members and leaders. This past May, DFA’s shelf-stable California Gold milk began selling in stores in China and online in July.

California Gold milk is different from milk sold in the United States because California Gold is treated with an ultra high temperature (UHT) process, which allows it to be stored without refrigeration until...

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Dairy name: Van Ruiten Dairy
Location: Lingleville, Texas
Herd size: 400
Farm size: 200 acres

5 things I would like to accomplish in the next 20 years:
  1. Keep dairying
    “I moved from Holland and started my dairy just four years ago and have witnessed the severe ups and downs of the dairy industry over the last several years. The good times are great, and during the tough times, you have to cherish every day you get to do what you love and look forward to the...
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