Your Farm

When it comes to dairying, the unpredictability is endless; however, farmers stick to it and do it with a passion and drive that is next to none. Throughout DFA, our members dedicate their livelihoods to producing safe, quality milk, all the while devoting time to their communities and Cooperative.

Marilyn Calvin, along with her husband, Kenneth, became members of Mid-America Dairymen in 1972, which later merged with other cooperatives to form DFA in 1998. Just a few years after...

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Crisp air, warm-colored leaves and shorter days encompass the fall season. While the weather turns cooler, DFA members are still hard at work, wrapping up harvest, preparing for the new year and for some — helping others enjoy what fall has to offer.

These DFA members welcome the public to their operations each year to learn about dairy, agriculture and the joy of having a good time on the farm.

Preston Farms 

“We can do that!”

That’s what Jerry Grabarek...

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As a third-generation dairyman, Micheal Desjardins grew up learning hard work, early mornings and dedication to the job. His father, an Army veteran, instilled those values in Desjardins and his siblings from a young age — which is probably why his appreciation for veterans is unparalleled.

When Desjardins was heading home from DFA’s Annual Meeting last March, he missed his flight. On the way to the airport, he sat next to a Vietnam veteran. While Desjardins says he’s normally the one...

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In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure to make Mother’s Day an official holiday. For more than 100 years, those around the country — and the world — have celebrated their mother on the second Sunday in May.

Whether she was CEO of your home — or a large company — most of us wouldn’t be who we are today without the influence of “mom.” If there’s one thing mothers are good at, it’s taking on different roles while still being that sounding board for the entire family.


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