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Communication on a dairy operation is crucial to understanding what roles each individual plays. From 10 cows to 10,000, cow care is the most important factor — not only for a herd’s health, but also to ensure high-quality milk — and documenting who is responsible for the animals’ care is imperative.

Documentation is an important part of DFA’s Gold Standard Dairy Program. The Gold Standard Program utilizes the industry-wide Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program as its...

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My name: Trevor Wayment
Dairy name: Wayment Dairy
Location: Ogden, Utah
Herd size: 300 milking cows
Farm size: 300 acres 4 challenges that I have overcome
  1. Expanding our operations
    “We doubled our herd size in 2010, and had to update our facilities to accommodate for the growth. We built a new freestall barn and calf facility five years ago and a new parlor last summer. The new calf barn lets light in so we have a good visual of the calves at...

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Collaboration earns Michigan dairy national recognition

Gregg Trierweiler and Matthew Keilen of K&K Dairy Farms LLC in Westphalia, Mich., have learned that producing the best milk is the result of a reliable, consistent team and a relentless desire to improve operations every single day.

K&K was started in the late 1960s by Jim Keilen, and was later run by Matthew’s parents, Bob and Diane Keilen. It was while Bob was running the dairy that he invited Gregg, then a student at...

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The philosophy guiding Edwin Foss Dairy is simple: Work hard and be fair.

With 475 milking cows and 700 acres of silage and hay, Curtis Foss says the Gill, Colo., dairy started by his father has remained a small, family operation. And he believes that hard work and integrity is what has kept their business afloat.

Foss shares the responsibilities at the dairy with his wife, his brothers and their wives, and their father, who started dairying after growing up on the...

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