Your Farm

While working on his dairy or driving for supplies, Dairy Farmers of America member David Foster seems to spend a lot of time talking to himself. Speaking into his wireless headset, Foster is actually voicing his opinion to his representative on legislative issues that could affect his farm.

Like many dairymen, Foster knows that connecting with people is one of the keys to getting laws passed that help his operation. The work of Foster and producers like him is the base for DFA’...

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Jim Docheff and his wife, Judy, found a tract of land in Longmont, Colo., 35 years ago and say they knew they wanted to build a life there. The Docheffs bought the land, and as Jim describes the undeveloped property, not even a fence post was sticking out of the ground. The couple began to methodically build their farm in what is now Dairy Farmers of America’s Mountain Area. Year after year, they added buildings, cows, crops and children. The couple raised five boys and, as a family, they...

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Most people would consider themselves lucky if they fulfilled one dream. The Shawhan family of Hillsboro, Ohio, is in the process of fulfilling two.

Building a family farm is dream number one for the Shawhans, and that dream started when Tom Shawhan was a child.

Tom’s grandfather, Sylvan, bought the original family farm in Green County, Ohio, in 1910. Tom’s dad, William, worked the same farm milking a few cows and raising chickens. As soon as he was old enough, Tom...

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Julie Hicks, Northeast Area delegate
Hicks Dairy Farm
Corinth, Maine

Although she’s only spent the past five years of her life on a dairy farm, Julie Hicks is passionate about the industry.

“I love it,” she says. “I wish I’d been doing this my entire life.”

Julie and her husband, Terry, milk 150 cows at Hicks Dairy Farm in Corinth, Maine. When they married in 2011, Julie took on the role of assistant herd manager and jumped into dairy farming headfirst...

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