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By constantly working to advance and upgrade facilities, the Gregorys have built a successful family operation

For Tom and Ed Gregory, returning to the family farm was not always part of their plans.

“There were eight kids in our family, two brothers,” Tom says. “It was crowded, and I wanted to make sure if anyone else wanted the farm, they had the chance. I also wanted to be able to leave the farm for a little bit and see things.”

After school, Tom spent five years...

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Adam Wolf follows in his father’s footsteps, despite his dad’s reluctance

Dairy Farmers of America member Adam Wolf always envisioned himself surrounded by cows. After all, he grew up on his family’s dairy farm, and after earning a dairy science degree from Texas A&M University, landed a job mating and breeding cows with COBA/Select Sires.

Adam and his three siblings, Ben, Matthew and Abby, were born and raised on their family dairy farm in north central Texas, 120 miles...

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The Thomas family owns and operates Thomas Farms of Garland, a 490-cow, 600-acre dairy in Garland, Maine. Partners include Jim and Sandra Thomas, daughter Mary Wilson and son Kevin Thomas. Another son, Terry Thomas, helps with the farm’s crops, while Mary’s husband, Peter Wilson, oversees the farm’s breeding program. The family also employs 11 workers.


Number of years the dairy has been in business. “My greatgrandfather originally purchased the land where the farm is now,” Jim says...

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David Gunter believes connecting directly with consumers is the best way to educate them about what it takes to produce quality milk.

“Whenever someone hears how passionate you are about your profession and providing quality milk for their family, it makes a big difference,” he says.

Gunter and his wife, Courtney, milk about 70 cows in partnership with Gunter’s parents at their dairy, Gunter Dairy in Conway, Mo. The family also farms 400 acres of alfalfa, corn silage and wheat...

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