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Nuttelman Dairy
Stromsburg, Neb.

For more than 20 years, Doug Nuttelman has been serving in leadership roles in cooperatives. A strong believer in the cooperative structure, Nuttelman has served as chairman of Dairy Farmers of America’s Central Area Council since 2006 and on the Cooperative’s Board of Directors since 2000. He also serves on the Board’s Executive Committee.

What is your role as Area chairman?

I think one of the main roles, and one I take seriously...

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Quality milk is a cornerstone for a profitable dairy operation. A key component to improving milk quality is understanding your milk quality report.

Milk quality reports typically contain the weight, date, time and temperature at the time of sample collection. This is important because delays in sample submissions or temperature irregularities can invalidate certain laboratory tests. In addition, warmer temperatures can also contribute to bacteria growth.

Reports also contain...

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While a personal motive first led Doug and Emily Horst to attend a Young Cooperator (YC) meeting three years ago at Michigan State University (MSU) in Lansing, Mich., they never expected the experience to morph into something more.

“When we found out the meeting was at the university, we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to attend,” Doug says. “The university had just installed robotic milkers, and we were eager to see them in action since we were researching them for our farm. We...

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New Zealand native succeeds through Midwest sharemilking agreement

Growing up on his family’s 320-cow dairy in New Zealand, Craig Zydenbos says he always knew he wanted to follow in his parents’ footsteps, but not necessarily on their operation. Instead, he had dreams of making it on his own. But with suitable land for farming scarce back home, his options were limited.

“Trying to think as a future businessman, I didn’t like the idea of two families living off the same income,” he...

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