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Due to a misprint, the information published on page 48 in the most recent Leader was incorrect. The corrected piece is below and will be reprinted in the upcoming edition. My name: Chuck McCune 
Dairy name: McCune Dairy Farm
Location: St. Louis, Mich. 
Herd size: 70 total
Farm size: 400 acres 3 suggestions that I would pass along to the next generation of dairy farmers.
  1. Expand thoughtfully 

    “It’s very important for new farmers looking to...

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As David Martin goes about his daily routine in his enclosed tie-stall barn in southern Michigan, his wife, Suzanna, assists him in milking 60 cows, while their 2-year-old son, Alson, plays with his toys in a corner of the brightly lit building.   

For David, owning a dairy farm, while keeping a close connection to his family, motivated him to build the barn last summer on a 40-acre site in Fenwick, Mich., and start milking in the fall. He named the operation Sandy Knoll Dairy.

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Many people have claimed that farming is in their blood. This couldn’t ring truer for Christopher Carpio of Blue Ridge Dairy in Colorado, who ventured off of the farm — only to find his way back.

A third-generation dairy producer on both sides of his family, Carpio left for college and a career as an engineer in 1997.

“I found myself drawn to engineering because I wanted to do something different to see if dairying was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” he says....

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Quality is a central component in the operation of Jereczek Homestead Dairy in Dodge, Wis. It is something the owner, Ken, takes great pride in. He knows that if he takes care of his 180 cows, they will work hard and perform well. He is always looking to improve the herd by staying on top of genetics and technology. From automatic calf feeders to new bunkers, the dairy continues to evolve and prepare for the next generation of owners.


The year Jereczek Homestead Dairy was founded...

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