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Jared Myers has a knack for stepping into a leadership role when the need is there and the time is right.

Raised on a farm and always expecting to follow this career, Myers just wasn’t sure when that would happen. After getting a business degree from Eastern Oregon University, he worked in the construction business in Atlanta, Ga., as a superintendent for a commercial contractor.

“I always had it in the back of my mind that I would return. It was important to leave for a while ...

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Walk into either of the holding barns at Tri-Springs Jerseys and you’re likely to find several cows sleeping peacefully on a fresh layer of wood shavings.

What the cows are experiencing, says Will Moss, is a deep sleep cycle. It’s not unlike what humans have during a good night’s sleep, but it’s not as common for cattle.

“You’ll go into a barn and see a cow laid out,” Moss says. “She’s actually in deep sleep. You have to physically touch her to get her up and get out of the...

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My name: Clark Egelston 
Dairy name: Glen Meadows Dairy
Location: Fultonville, N.Y. 
Herd size: 450 total
Farm size: 600 acres 4 ways that I have incorporated technology into my operation.
  1. Automatic calf feeders

    “I have installed two automatic calf feeders on our operation, which has allowed us to raise our own pre-weaned animals efficiently instead of shipping them to a custom raiser for a premium price. These machines save us time in...

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Glen Easter
Eastglen Farm
Laurens, S.C.

When it comes to being a leader in the dairy industry, Glen Easter knows the ropes. Along with more than 37 years of experience as a dairy farmer, Easter has built an extensive resume of leadership roles within the dairy industry.

When not milking 300 registered Jerseys on the 360 acres that make up Eastglen Farm in Laurens, S.C., Easter is busy with leadership roles in Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, United Dairy Herd...

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