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The release of the long-awaited Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug residue sampling survey confirms the safety of the nation’s milk supply and demonstrates that the regulations to keep drug residues out of milk are effective in protecting the public health.

The milk survey was released in early March 2015 by the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), which sampled the raw milk from nearly 2,000 dairy farms in 2012 and conducted extensive laboratory testing on each milk...

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These days, Tom Trinder not only feeds his herd and manages his pasture, he checks his phone for updates on his cows and watches his computer for details on energy usage.

What he doesn’t spend any time doing on his New York farm is milking.

Over the past 12 years, Trinder has taken a more progressive approach to dairying by transitioning what was a conventional operation into one that milks cows by way of robotic technology and also engages in energy efficiency.

“If you’...

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Cabhi Farm
Clymer, N.Y.

Third-generation farmer David White began dairying in 1980 and became a partner at Cabhi Farm in 1988. Today, in partnership with his brother, he milks 210 cows and grows alfalfa and corn on 525 acres in Clymer, N.Y.

David has been active in the dairy industry and in Dairylea Cooperative, which merged with DFA in April 2014. He served as vice chairman of the Dairylea board and sat on Dairylea’s Resolutions Committee, the 2020 Dairylea Committee and...

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Dairy name: George Pless & Sons Dairy
Location: Rockwell, N.C.
Herd size: 250
Farm size: 600 acres

3 things we need to do to keep our cows comfortable during the summer:
  1. Keep the air moving
    “We run fans in the summer. Any time it gets above 70 to 75 degrees outside, they are on. The one freestall barn houses about 140 cows and there are 12 fans in there. We also have an open lot with freestalls around the outside and we stretch shade cloth over it, like...
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