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Weighing the pros and cons

The scene inside the barn at Dream On Farm is peaceful. Cows lounge and wander freely, visiting the automatic backscratcher and stepping up to be milked at will. An automatic feed pusher ensures they have plenty to eat, and a robotic cleaner makes its way across the barn’s slotted floors, cleaning up without disturbing the cows.

“It’s very tranquil,” says Mary Warren, who operates the 115-cow dairy with her husband, Joe. “The nonhuman interference that...

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After decades of negative attention, full-fat dairy products such as cheese and butter could be making a comeback. As more nutrition experts, celebrity chefs and scientific groups question the dangers of fat and vouch for more natural foods, consumer trends are beginning to shift in dairy’s favor.

Since the 1980s, fear of dietary fat has shaped consumer habits and dietary guidelines. That’s when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), in an attempt to quell the emerging obesity...

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In an effort to help the next generation of farmers and ranchers succeed in today’s ever-changing world of agriculture, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently launched a new resource-based website.

The New Farmers website houses a variety of resources and initiatives to assist young farmers, including:

  • business plan models
  • information on how to increase access to land and capital
  • access to risk management tools...
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The 114th Congress is well underway. New members of the House and Senate have been sworn in, party leadership elected and committee assignments made. Both chambers of Congress are now governed by members of the Republican Party, and the members are trying to determine a path forward and way to work with the nation’s president, a member of the Democratic Party. 

On the surface, such a combination may appear challenging, but history shows us just the opposite. Some of the most...

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