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After nearly five years of tireless effort by dairy leaders, cooperatives, producer organizations and others, the 2014 Farm Bill is complete and brings with it major reforms to dairy policy.

The goal of a coalition of diverse dairy groups, which was assembled in late 2009, was to develop policy that would provide a measure of protection against the catastrophic loss experienced in the low price cycle that began impacting farmers earlier that year.

Although the final...

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To consumers, the nation’s food system is a tangled, confusing web of retailers, processors and farmers. They must decide between an infinite number of labels — gluten-free; all natural; organic; hormone-free; antibiotic-free; sugar-free; cage-free; no trans fat; multigrain; locally made — the list goes on and on. Added to that list in the last few years is GMO, or genetically modified organism, crops.

Although GMO crops, defined as food in which DNA has been altered through the...

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Jerry Kozak serves as president and chief executive officer of National Milk Producers Federation, which works for dairy producers and their cooperatives in Washington, D.C., to develop and advance policies beneficial to the dairy industry. DFA is a member of NMPF.

National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) has long advocated for immigration reform that responds to the needs of agriculture and dairy farmers in particular.

In seeking to advocate for these important...

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During the closing days of 2012, Congress tackled an array of budgetary and fiscal matters that would have potentially pushed America over the fiscal cliff. Agriculture found itself in the midst of the deficit debate as lawmakers wrestled with how to address farm programs scheduled to expire on December 31, 2012.

As part of the fiscal cliff compromise package, Congress opted to pass a nine-month extension of many of the programs contained in the 2008 Farm Bill. The extension of the...

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